If you would like to become a financial partner with Rachel and her family and support them as they continue in the process of completing the full length cd and making more great music please donate by using the button below. Donations are not tax deductible.

Get the Word Out!!

Be a glorified blabber mouth :o) Tell your friends and family about the project and how it changed your life. Tell stories about what God did in your children while listening to the songs. Tell them about our website – Tell them to check out the website and catch the vision for what Rachel and her family are doing. If you think that the songs and their message would bless your church, tell your children’s pastor about it.

Follow Our Blog

We will be posting the feedback we get. We will also be posting pic’s and video’s of the exciting doors that God opens for the music. We will be posting video’s of the process of making the album which include the cutest video of children in the recording studio and not-as-cute video of professional musicians playing their part in the project. Rachel will be reflecting on the process of watching her dream come true, from authoring the songs all the way to watching the impact it has had on children and their parents.