About Rachel Faagutu

Rachel has been a worshiper since she was very little. She can remember when her mother used to put on songs like “My Father’s Eye’s” and “El Shaddai” by Amy Grant. More importantly, while she was growing up in Europe, she remembers singing to Psalty The Singing Songbook. Little did she know what God was training her for. What seemed like late ’70s sing along music was her training ground for how to worship.

As Rachel grew older she was exposed to Hillsong and Darlene Zschech and “Shout To The Lord” and “Potter’s Hand”. Those songs marked her teenage and college years. When Rachel started college in the mid 90’s, she got her first stab at leading worship. As a 20 something, she was influenced by Delirious and Hillsong United. As she finished college, she went on to become a pastor at a local church. She was the director of worship for the youth departments, but most of her focus was on pastoring college students through worship.

Her 20’s were marked by powerful worship times with groups of high school and college students at many winter and summer camps. She sowed her 20’s into seeing God transform a generation during prolonged times of simple and passionate worship.

At the age of 26, Rachel happily married Wallace Faagutu. Immediately, God blessed them with their first daughter. Soon following were their other two children, and within 3 years, their quiver was quite full. As Rachel’s role of a mother became more demanding, she made the hard, but necessary decision to lay down public ministry and focus on her ministry to her husband and children.

The Faagutu’s moved to Kansas City to settle as a young family and learn to live without the demands of platform ministry. In contrast to almost a decade of learning how to function in corporate ministry, Rachel learned how to cook and manage her house. She learned that God’s presence was very near to young mothers who were doing their best to look after their children while their husbands were away at work. Although the shoe didn’t fit quite yet, God was molding her into an attentive wife and mother.

The one thing that didn’t change was Rachel’s love of worship. The guitar became the only connection to past seasons of nearness to God in worship. So while her children napped, Rachel picked up her guitar and would worship. She began to pour out her heart. Having been through quite a bit of pain through three pregnancies, she found a new depth in her language with God. God was redefining her. Though a painful process, it was a much needed rooting of her identity in the love of God rather than performance and the approval of men.

Amongst diapers and bottles, potty training and teaching her 3 year old the alphabets, Rachel found a new passion. It was to make sure that her children were clear about their identity in Christ. She wanted them to know who they were so as to save them the pain of redefinition in their 20’s. She also encountered the tender heart of her heavenly Father. Instead of expressing disappointment in her, God repetitively affirmed her. Often times following up words of affirmation with real physical blessing as if to say, “Rachel, I see you. I love you. I am for you.”

As soon as an attribute of God’s character permeated Rachel’s heart, she would ask Holy Spirit to help her whip up a little ditty that would be simple and catchy for her children to sing during their morning worship times. Complete with hand motions and sound effects (to keep the children engaged), the four of them began to sing the truth of God’s word over their own hearts.

Little did Rachel know how much healing was happening. Whereas in one decade she was singing other people’s songs over other people’s children, now she was singing her own songs with her own children. Everything was beginning to hit much closer to home. Rachel settled the issue in her heart, and then wrote “Made To Worship”. She settled the issue in her heart, and then wrote “God Is Good”. So as not to present the fairy tale family, with perfectly manicured mini- worshipers, she also wrote the song, “Slow Obedience Is No Obedience” complete with a dance break and “The Fruit of The Spirit”. She was training her children to walk in righteousness.

One other theme became very clear. We are living in challenging times. Our children will have to be full of the truth of God’s word in order to stand strong in the days that are approaching. For the first time in her life, Rachel began to learn about the end times. At first, knowledge of the ominous end of the age brought her fear. Much of that fear was based in what she didn’t know about what the bible says about the return of Jesus to the earth.

As the fog began to clear and the truth about the end of the story was seen in the book of Revelation, the new testament and the old testament, a new gratitude came in her times of worship. That gratitude came with a new clarity in her commitment to Jesus. Rachel’s heart was that her children would be clear on bible truth’s and mile markers that are given in regards to the end of this age and the beginning of the next. Again with simplicity and singing scripture verbatim, she wrote, “Jesus Is Coming Back Soon” and “The Revelation 5 Song (Jesus Is Worthy)”.

Rachel’s heart is that her children will grow in wisdom and intimacy with Jesus all of the days of their life. She prays that they would be full of the knowledge of God and the joy of walking with God in obedience. She and her husband are doing their best in the grace of God to raise children with happy hearts, who love Jesus dearly and who delight to do His will. Her desire is that their devotion would be unwavering and contagious, their light would be bright and their song would be sweet.

She and her family have embarked on this project to make these songs available to parents with the same heart. Her desire is that every child’s song would be unlocked and the King of Glory would receive adoration from even the babe’s. As little songbirds declare the deep mysteries of the kingdom of God, may the simple melody of His praises go into all the earth and bring many to the knowledge of Jesus.