My mother praying for The Pacifics at the map in the Global Prayer Room

My mother is visiting from Hawaii. In case you couldn’t tell from our music, we are originally from the beautiful paradise of Hawai’i. We got the privilege to pray with mom at the prayer room today in Kansas City. I snapped this pic as she was interceding for the islands of the Pacific.
My mom taught me how to worship and pray. My start in the Word looked like a mother bird feeding her young. Yes, my mom regurgitated the Word to my sisters and I, in ways we could understand, until it became a part of our lifestyle. And she was there shaping us every step of the way.

As a young girl I remember watching my mom cry and sing to an invisible God that she loved very much. I remember realizing how real God was because of the way mom related to Him.

Today, decades later, she is still at it, and so am I. I am a part of her harvest and testimony. Now, that is something I have to praise GOD about!

To all you parents out there… “Don’t be weary in good doing… For you will reap a harvest if you don’t quit.”. Keep praying and worshipping with your kids. A tender relationship with Jesus is the best example you can set and most valuable inheritance you can leave them.

Grace, grace!
Rachel F.