This blog is dedicated to sweet Keala. She was one of the singers in the Little Songbirds Choir on our CD. She is an awesome big sis, she has a beautiful voice and she really loves Jesus. This year she turns 13 and her parents threw a womanhood party for her at a fancy restaurant. They invited key women in her life, her aunties, and we gathered to celebrate her “new life” with gifts and encouraging words of wisdom. Our assignment was to write our words of wisdom in a letter and then read the letter to Keala. Hindsight is 20/20. So of course, the words came with much emotion as we reflected on our journey and how life can be very imperfect sometimes. We also affirmed her and encouraged her by telling her the beauty that we see in her. The pictures you see are of some of her aunties reading their letters to her. God has a way of producing beauty in us, or maybe it is already there :o) After all, beautiful is the way our Father created all of us. We really are fearfully and wonderfully made. Whether through testing and trials or blessing and affirmation, or both, God’s process unveils His beauty in us. Last Wednesday was a celebration of that process in Keala, and all of us aunties too… we are all little girls becoming women.