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Did you know that the music you listen to can have a profound impact on your health? I believe that God created us to worship Him, and our bodies thrive for doing it. An analysis of over 400 studies regarding the effect of music on our health was done, and it was found that listening to music led to less anxiety, and lowered cortisol levels among those about to undergo surgery. Other evidence showed that music has an impact on antibodies connected to immunity and may lead to higher levels of bacteria fighting immune cells!

Additionally, music is good for babies and children as well.

When music was played in the NICU, premature babies with respiratory distress or sepsis saw improvement. When parents sang to their babies, or played sounds for them mimicking those in the womb, their heart rates changed for the better, as well as sucking behavior, and parents had less stress!

God created music and it is powerful- for good or for ill in society. In our home, we take great care to make sure that our children’s precious and innocent ears are only exposed to that which is good, pure, pleasant, and honorable. And we all know how much kids love music!

That’s why I’m so happy today to review an amazing new children’s worship CD that I honestly love as much as our three kids do!

It’s called Little Songbirds, and it’s by an amazing family of five and husband and wife team. (Pictured above) The care, time, and skill they have put into creating this music is so abundantly clear, and kids love it! The first time we turned it on, our kids danced all over the living room, and set spellbound listening to all the different songs.


Our family’s favorite songs are “Come Close” which sings sweetly about loving Jesus more than anything, and asking Him to touch our hearts, and “Egypt Exodus Song” which tells the story of Moses, Pharaoh, and the power of God. When we listen to the Egypt song, my kids run wild all over our downstairs mimicking the stories of the various plagues. (Good thing they can’t find real lice or real frogs!!) :)

My heart melted one day as I watched my oldest, Nathaniel, age 7, and Grace, our daughter, age 4, sitting next to each other and listening to the music singing, “I love You more than anyone, I love You more than anything.” I believe with all my heart that the closeness they feel to Jesus while singing this beautiful love song to Him will mark their hearts forever, and there is nothing as a parent I want more.

The song, “Listen and Obey” is also wonderful, and my kids have been reminding each other when they are not obeying, “The song says listen, and obey right away!” (Maybe we should put that song on constant repeat in the house?)

What I love too about Little Songbirds is that most children’s albums seem to have one note- repetitive, slightly cheesy, and all the songs end up sounding the same to me in the end, especially when you have to listen to them over and over. Not so about Little Songbirds. Each song has a life of its own, a character and flavor all its own, an unique personality. It’s like a new story in every new song!

Most of all, I love that this CD introduces children to Jesus. It holds their hand and connects them to Him, and implants His love, and His truths upon their hearts. And it is beautiful and enjoyable to listen to. You can’t ask for anything better than that!

Hear samples for yourself here:

Purchase the CD on iTunes here.

They also have a second CD in the works! To find out more about that, and support their campaign to continue to bring Jesus to children through music, see here.

Enjoy the music and have a beautiful day!

With much love, and for your extraordinary health,

Catherine Slezinger