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So Much Change In 3 Months!

Aloha Friends and Family! Yes, I am back on-line.  The past 3 months have brought much change… namely the release of the Little Songbirds EP. But just that one event has brought so much pleasant change to our lives.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life!  And our little […]

Rrrrriver Rrrrrrrun For Orphans

Ok, well maybe I am missing a “b” in that title to help make sense.  Brrrrrr-River Run, there ya go.  It was SO cold!  I think maybe all the way down in the 30’s.  Crazy cold.  Anyhow, enough whining about the cold, now onto the orphans. The River Run was put on by the Orphan […]

Children’s Equipping Center Fun

We have the funnest job of all.  Well it’s not actually a job, its more like a hobby.  We get to sing with kids, for a living.  How fun is that?  Let me tell you what, there is never a boring day in our line of work.  This past Friday night, we got to sing […]

Cider Mill Time

Every once in a while you gotta have a random fun day with the kids.  It keeps life spicy.  Although we are from Hawaii, and love being from there, there is one thing Hawaii doesn’t have… FALL! My hubby took our kids to the Cider Mill and they enjoyed homemade donuts that tasted exceptionally good […]

Fall Fun, Little Sprouts Style*

We had such a great time last weekend that we got invited back for the Little Sprouts Montessori Preschool’s Fall Festival. Let me set the scene for you… hot dogs and chicken on the bbq, children and parents hanging out as the sun sets on the grounds of this beautiful school. These are no ordinary […]

Free Coffee, Debt Free Living and Care Free Children*

This past Sunday we got the awesome privilege of ministering to the children of Believers Church in Tulsa, OK under Pastor Roger.  It was a last minute arrangement.  My cousin attends the church.  We knew we were going to take the drive down to Tulsa and visit my family there.  My cousin took the liberty […]