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Know God’s Character, Who We Are in Christ, and What We Are Made For!

What Parents are Saying

Parents are talking about how awesome Little Songbirds is.

“I love that this CD introduces children to Jesus. It holds their hand and connects them to Him, and implants His love, and His truths upon their hearts.”

Catherine Slezinger

“This CD is not only for kids but for adults as well. The songs are catchy and simple enough for children to understand but also very powerful and anointed.”

Jon Thurlow

“We love this CD! It has been such a blessing to us – and, without me telling my children “it’s a CD for kids” they fell in love with it right away!”

Julianne Gross

“My son and I love these songs! As soon as I turn on the music, he stands in the middle of the living room dancing as we play them over and over.”

Heidi Maytheler

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Love my family!
Happy Resurrection Sunday! This is my TRIBE @odetamv
TBT LEMON CHALLENGE. They were so small! #myKidsAreSoCute!

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This was a couple weeks ago @ihopkc 's Women's Conference. I got rocked this night during worship. We all went deeper in God. It was an honor to minister with @heidibaker_official . Her whole life screams at us - love deeper, surrender more, give God all control.
Statue of Liberty
🙂🎈Happy Bday🎈🙂 to this guy!
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